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AdoptED - presented by Gladney Center for Adoption, is an online learning system

First established in 2015, AdoptED has educated more than 70,000 students on the option of adoption nationwide. Now your students can access our free learning module to receive this factual adoption education on their personal mobile device! 




So Why AdoptED?

  • FREE  and Accessible curriculum
  • Customizable to fit the needs of your classroom based on time and priorities
  • Opportunity for AdoptED’s educators to drop into your classroom virtually and help “unpack” important concepts
  • Students use personal devices to access the program in class or at home at their own pace and abilities
  • Engaging and Interactive learning modules: including multiple choice, true or false, free-response, videos, graphics, etc.
  • Provides grading opportunities for teachers
  • Opportunity for important discussions
  • Offers resources and options through factual information
  • Curriculum is evidenced based and loved by students and teachers
  • Curriculum is based on essentials knowledge and skills requirements set by most states.
    • Decision making
    • Life Skills
    • Emotional awareness
    • Historical references
    • Vocabulary 






Current Offerings


ADOPTION 101Most popular

An overview of a woman's options when facing an unplanned pregnancy, what it looks like to make an adoption plan, and how someone becomes an adoptive parent. 



New Lesson!


Learn about the history of foster care, defining parenting attachment styles using Disney characters as examples and the importance of healing trauma by providing a loving, caring and permanent home through adoption.





We are excited to share our AdoptED program and partner with you in educating students about adoption!